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Art is the concept that encompasses all creations made by humans to express a sensitive vision about the world, whether real or imaginary. Through plastic, linguistic or sound resources, art allows to express ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations.

The story indicates that, with the emergence of the Homo Sapiens, art had a role ritual and magical-religious, which was changing with the passing of time. In any case, the definition of art varies according to the time and culture.

With the Italian Renaissance, at the end of the fifteenth century, it began to distinguish between crafts and fine arts. The artisan is one who is dedicated to producing multiple works, while the artist is the creator of unique works.

It's precisely in the Italian Renaissance where we find one of the most important stages of Art History, both for the magnificent artists who worked on it and for the amazing works that they undertook and that today are praised throughout the world.

Thus, for example, we should highlight figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Titian or Raphael. And as for works we would highlight, for example, "La Gioconda", "The Sistine Chapel", "Gattamelata", "Venus de Urbino" and "The betrothal of the Virgin" respectively.

The classification used in ancient Greece included six disciplines within art: architecture, dance, sculpture, music, painting and poetry ( literature ). Later, he began to include cinema as the seventh art. There are also those who name photography as the eighth art (although it's often claimed that it's an extension of the painting) and the comic as the ninth (its detractors indicate that it is, in fact, a bridge between painting and cinema). The television, the fashion, advertising and video games are other disciplines that are sometimes considered as artistic.

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