Retention Management


Holding literally means keeping preserved. Therefore, this is a term that can be used in many contexts. In the ICT world, retention management prevails in the field of personnel or document management " human resources and document management ". In these ICT contexts, retention management can be perceived as the management of who or what documents should be kept.

Retention in document management

When it comes to document management, retention management is closely related to record management " also known as Records Management " and the life cycle of a document. Often these terms are used indifferently. Therefore, retention management is about whether a document should be saved in the file, and the storage time of those documents. In principle, file management has a broader range because it's also responsible for automating the categorization of documents. The life cycle of documents is, in theory, even broader, since it includes the entire lifetime of a document, from its creation to its destruction. In practice, however, all three terms are used as synonyms.

Human resources retention management

In human resources, the retention term is used to show that companies do everything possible to retain talent within the company. First, this objective is often included in a retention strategy. The methods used range from onboarding, employee motivation, having the right talent in the right place, etc. In addition to strategic development, there is often also a technical interpretation. Most human resources packages also offer functionalities and tools to technically implement the defined strategies.

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