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Resuming Your Job

A new day begins Coffee cup in hand, turn on the computer and start all over again. Post office for reading and answering. Tasks and pending projects wait for you. You close your eyes and remember that yesterday you were enjoying your trip, but everything vanishes suddenly.

The return to routine

The sensation can overwhelm anyone. The return to routine is an increasingly frequent situation and even talk about post-vacational syndrome, a transient situation that manifests with symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, muscle pain, lack of concentration in the first days of joining the job.

In general, few people return to work with energy and desire to resume the daily workday. When these symptoms occur, it's often said that they are victims of post-vacational syndrome, which mostly affects young adults between 25 and 40 years old."

The main international classifications haven't accepted this syndrome as a disease, but it's becoming increasingly important. For some authors it's simply a transitory situation. However, some tips are recommended so that the return to routine after a vacation goes from being a traumatic experience to a successful transition.


1. Avoid a forced landing

Going back to work immediately after the end of your vacation is usually a common idea among those who want to make the most of the summer period. However, it's not a recommendable decision for the return to working life.

Plan to return home at least one day before. You'll have time to sleep and physically recover from a long trip, to unpack and order your luggage, organize housework and even make some purchases to face the first week at home.

2. Organize your first day

Take time the day before to think about the things you should do in your work. Sort your thoughts and create a list of issues to resolve before you even get to the office. This helps you feel more prepared and organized when you arrive at your place of work.

3. Get to the office earlier

For those who are arriving on vacation it may seem crazy, but consider it. In addition to having the time factor on your side, you can avoid the tacos and the rush that generate greater anxiety on your first day of work.

Another benefit of getting up early is to arrive at the office before the others and rejoin in a more relaxed and quiet environment, which will allow you to put things in order and even have a relaxed coffee.

4. Prioritize your tasks at work

Based on the list you have previously thought about, plan what and how you'll execute your tasks on your first day of work. Organize everything in order of priority. If there are pending issues that were not completed before leaving on vacation, the idea is to start with that.

Then, it's advisable to solve small things first and, as far as possible, avoid scheduling meetings and take on new issues immediately. This will allow you to gradually take pace, with a control of the times to gain confidence and avoid feeling overwhelmed on your first day.

5. Organize your mail sensibly

Pretending to answer all the emails in one go is an excellent intention. However, it's unlikely to be achieved by having so many other earrings on your desk.
The first thing that's recommended to do is assume that not all will require an immediate response and many others may be considered as unwanted messages.

With that logic, the next step is to establish an order of priority for all messages. Finally, first answer the emails whose issues are most urgent and end with the least relevant.

6. Set short breaks in your agenda

Even if you plan, there will always be imponderables and unexpected situations. Given these possible situations, it's good that you consider previously some free time, either to rest or to dedicate them to the unforeseen.

7. Re-encounter with the work team

The first days after the holidays are ideal to talk, share the experiences that those who have gone had and find out what happened during your absence.

Without taking time away from productive hours, think about having lunch with colleagues or organizing a brief outing after the day. In addition to making the return to your functions lighter, it generates a positive atmosphere in the organization's climate.

8. Adopt a new look

The holidays are an excellent opportunity to see the problems with another perspective. With the relaxation they provide, they allow to have the mental freshness to approach a pending issue or problem and find a creative and efficient solution.

9. Set new goals

If during the holidays you were thinking about new challenges and goals, the return to work is an excellent moment to take the first step. When you return to work, you can take advantage of the summer break to find the motivation you need to do a course or another type of specialization that you have proposed.

10. Dedicate time to leisure

During the year there is also time to do what we like. Practice some sport, organize social encounters with your friends or just stay at home enjoying a good book or your favorite series. You can also start thinking about your new trip and already plan your vacation and work towards achieving that goal.

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