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A good resume is important if you need to get hired. When you're updating your resume it's sometimes difficult to know where to start. What experience should I add? What trends should I follow? Do I do it on a page or two? To help you in that, we have prepared this article with 15 tips so that you've an excellent resume that engages hiring managers.

1. Adapt your resume to the position you're applying for

This means that you should not add all your experience and education to your resume. Add only what is necessary for the job you're applying for. Highlight the most relevant achievements and skills for the offer you're applying, you don't necessarily have to add all your work experience or the skills you have.

2. Have on hand the list of all your work experience

We recommend that you've a file with all the professional experience you have, so that you then copy and paste from that file the necessary data for future resumes you need.

3. I start with the best

In the first part of your resume you must have the most relevant or impressive thing that you've achieved and that you want to tell, since that will make the recruiter keep reading your resume attentively.

4. Use the inverse chronological format

We believe it's the best format to present your resume, where you basically show your latest work experiences at the beginning of your resume.

5. All in one page

Here we can have different opinions about using a page or two. We recommend that you be as concise as possible, recruiters have little time to review each resume. Try to rely on resume models that help you cover more in less.

6. Visible contact information

Keep in mind that the main way they contact you is because of the information such as telephone or email that you add in your resume. So in addition to adding it you should also put it in a place that is visible and easily accessible to anyone.

7. Talk to the right person

You may feel better writing many technical words in order to show that you know a lot about your subject, but you've to take into account that many times the person who reads your resume is a recruiter or an assistant. So it's better that you write so that an average person understands it.

8. Add numbers

It's very important that you manage to quantify what you've done, that will help the recruiter know the impact of your past work and get a clear idea of your work. Try to always add numbers to the activities you did.

9. Show your soft skills

Many or almost all of us have made the mistake of listing all the soft skills we have, but the idea should not be that, but in each section that we write try to tell you that we have some ability counting it within an achievement we have had.

10. Use different verbs

Don't use the same words to describe your work experiences, since you can quickly bore your reader, better strive to use different verbs to list what you've accomplished.

11. Use keywords

Check the description of the job offer and find the keywords and then add them to your resume, this will help the recruiter know that you're very aligned to the profile they are looking for.

12. First experience and then education

Almost as a rule always put your work experience before your education, unless you're a recent graduate, there if you must first add your education.

13. List your skills

Have a section within your resume with the list of job-related skills you're applying for and add your adopted skills to any job.

14. Review and correct

Always, but always keep in mind to review your resume and correct any errors or improve something that is not clear. Also ask a friend or partner to review it or hire an expert.

15. Export it in PDF

This is clear, always export your resume in PDF since if you do it in Word, some recruiters may not have the same version of Word or need to download the file to view it, instead from PDF you can view it from anywhere.

16. Update it constantly

Take some time every 3 or 6 months to update your resume. Do you've new responsibility? Have you learned something new? Don't wait any longer and add it to your resume, don't wait at the last minute to add them because you may forget what you should have added.

I hope this article can help you've a more elaborate resume and don't forget to follow us on social networks.

Update your resume with these tips to have more chances of getting the job you want.

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