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What are the available services that support writing a professional resume? in this article we give a highlights of different resume writing services.

A well-written resume - that is, one that summarizes the professional experience of the candidate in a clear, concise and interesting way - will open the doors of the job interview . However, since the writing of the resume is not always a simple task, more and more resume experts are offering their writing and advisory services to expedite the work of job seekers. The services resume writing, like those of a resume coach , you ensure a resume updated and competitive 'usually' for a small fee.

What does an expert in resumes do?

Both the companies that make resume and the web portals specialized in the professional resume writing receive the academic and labor information of the clients that hire their writing services. With all this information on the table, the Curriculum Vitae experts screen, select the most important curriculum data and develop an effective and competitive resume .

Depending on the resume writing service pack you hire, you can have access to one or more of the benefits as:

Resume Design Service

This type of service isn't exclusive to professional resume writers, but you can request it without paying a monthly fee. Fortunately, today we have a wide variety of websites specialized in the design of resume templates. Also some portals, without going any further, offer original and competitive templates at the most economical price.

Of course: you should know that this type of service is limited only to the design of the curriculum ; in no case to the writing of the same. Therefore, if you're looking for a complete design and writing service, you'll have to hire the services of professional resume writers.

Personal branding service in the resume

Do you want to work the personal brand of your resume? Do you need to convey a certain professional image and want to build a fully recognizable brand image? Whichever work sector you belong to, the resume professionals will help you convert your resume and your professional social networks into a letter of presentation of the most effective.

Resume Positioning Service

In the same line of the previous service, and using SEO techniques and organic positioning in search engines, resume experts work for and for the positioning of your resume. If you dedicate yourself to the world of marketing or communication, it can be a very interesting asset to differentiate you from the rest of the candidates.

Who are the best service providers?

Based on our research we listed here 3 service providers:

1. Monster offers a professional service, If you're in doubt whether you need to update your resume, you are able to upload it to Monster website, where they have a free review.

2. CV Knowhow offers a complete review, unlimited direct contact with a resume writing expert, professional optimisation for the design and content so your resume would be relevant to your target career.

3. TopResume has a network of professional writers from different industries. They offer a free review of your resume before deciding the next step, either to keep it or making some updates. Don't worry If you don't have a resume yet, as they'll send you a questionnaire where you can replay with the required information to start making your new professional resume.

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