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Before starting to write the resume, it's convenient that you know and keep in mind some simple essential rules that will help you achieve a good, concise and well-format resume. Do not forget them.

Basic rules for resume writing and format

  • Be brief, concise, and direct . Your resume must pass the 6-second filter and must not exceed one or two pages , at most.
  • Use a white or light colored paper, in A4 format and of quality.
  • Write in a legible font and with a spaced presentation that makes it easy to read.
  • Do not write it by hand, unless required by the company. Written on a computer is preferable to typing.
  • Avoid ornaments and filigree , and don't abuse colors. The resume must convey professionalism. Help yourself with bold and highlighted to achieve greater clarity.
  • Respect the margins, leave space between the paragraphs and write on one side of the page.
  • Take care of style and avoid spelling mistakes . Make the most of your verbal richness, use synonyms and avoid excessive repetition.
  • It's not advisable to use abbreviations.
  • Be honest. Show your best skills, highlight what you should highlight, your achievements, and make up your failures, but never invent.
  • Be positive . There is no reason to explain failures or failures. Sell ​​the best of yourself, but in a short, concrete and simple way.
  • Remember that it's not necessary to include the supporting documents and titles, unless they request it.
  • Always send originals, never photocopies.
  • The photograph you attach must be recent and passport size. It's preferable that it be colored.
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