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A resume objective is a short, personal introduction at the start of a resume. This part is a bit more informal than the rest of the resume, which is often very businesslike. Few candidates take the time to make a resume objective, which is a missed opportunity. Precisely by taking the time for this component, you can distinguish yourself by giving your resume a personal touch. For a recruiter, this can be precisely what causes a click with your resume.

Features of a good resume objective

With a good personal objective on your resume you have an advantage over other candidates. My advice is therefore not to miss this opportunity. It's important to take the following into account:

- Write in the I form.
- One paragraph of 4 to 6 lines is sufficient.
- Briefly say something about yourself, your abilities and ambitions.
- Sell ​​yourself, but be original, honest and authentic.
- The biggest pitfalls

No objective on your resume is still better than a bad objective! Don't briefly write a text to continue as a personal objective, but really take your time. Remember that this part is prominently at the top of your resume and immediately catches the eye. Below the most common mistakes when creating a resume objective:

Simple summaries of traits or skills : this seems lazy and inspirational.

Commonly used clichs: for someone who reads resumes on a daily basis, there is nothing worse to encounter the umpteenth "spin-in-the-web" or "administrative centipede".

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