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What is a Resume Builder?

A Resume buider - also known as a resume or cv maker - is an online tool that builds a work sheet through the choice of design and content insertion. We can prepare a resume on a paid or free page, below we show you what are the advantages of using these tools.

Advantages of using resume builders

The use of resume builder is very intuitive. On the Internet we find different resume builders of all kinds. These tools usually have different boxes to fill in personal data, training or experience. If we seek to have a professional resume with these tools, it's quite easy.

Don't think that all online resume buiders are the same. If we investigate we find a good variety of tools that serve this purpose. One of the best things about these generators is that it allows us to choose templates and designs that fit our profile and the work we want to apply for. For example, Canva is very focused on designers and creatives.

In these cases they are 100% editable, but in order to acquire the best options and customize the document we have to accept the Pro versions of payment. However, if you are looking for a clear and uncomplicated resume, free versions are a safe bet.

It also adds value to the resume, as many of resume builders offer added values ​​in their paid versions. such as having a sample cover letter or an example email to send your resume.

The best online resume builders

If we prefer to use a resume builder rather than a resume template, we can use a number of free or paid tools. We reveal the secrets of the best online resume builders. You only need an Internet connection and a computer or mobile phone. Ready?

1. Livecareer tool is one of the most complete. In Live Career we can't only create a resume online easily, but it allows you the option to export from the computer the one you already have written. It also recommends templates according to the labor sector.

In addition, LiveCareer has several additional services such as a cover letter builder or professional career advice.

We recommend this tool for those self-employed professionals who need to present a resume for applying to projects or for workers who intend to change their professional sector.

2. Curriculum maker has a resume builder to create your resume from scratch without spending too much time and with a format ready to download. This tool is very intuitive and simple to use, in a few steps you can create your resume and download it in pdf.

3. CV Maker has a very popular tool among builders. One of its advantages is that it doesn't require us to register, but it offers the option of saving the resume once it has been made and has 6 templates to choose from. In addition, it allows us to share our resumes it online.

4. Canva is a design tool that allows you to make online banners, ebooks or covers for social networks. It also allows you to generate online resume with spectacular designs. As a tool specialized in design, its strength is the original, customizable templates and the number of photos that you'll find in your gallery.

It's the perfect tool for those who are going to present themselves to creative positions and related to design directly or indirectly.

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