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The Request for Proposal " RFP " is the document that a company creates to request proposals from potential suppliers of ICT products or services for the project. An approach that companies usually take is the combination of an RFP with a presentation and / or demonstration of the solution offered. The RFP is usually preceded by a Request for Information " Request for Information, RFI ", a request for information about the package and provider more informal.

Who writes an RFP?

In principle, all companies can write a Request for Proposal. However, this method isn't equally useful for all companies. An SME won't waste time writing an RFP if it can meet with a few good suppliers. On the other hand, a company that wants to acquire an ERP system, a document management system or a fairly large and complex human resources software needs to analyze all the options thoroughly. For example, a Request for Proposal can be of great help in making a first selection when there is a tender.

What does an RFP contain?

As with RFIs, RFPs don't have an established form. However, it's usually divided into three parts:

- Guidelines: the "rules" for completing the RFP are included here, clarifies concepts and explains the company's procedure for making the final purchase decision.
- Information from the requesting company: in this part, the company clarifies what service or product it requests from the supplier. Desires and requirements are specified and explained. This information is usually described in a very detailed way so that the company ensures that the provider you choose performs an optimal implementation. There are companies that purposely don't put too detailed information to give suppliers the opportunity to clarify their own approach and ideas.
- Questions to the supplier: it consists of a list of specific questions about what products and services they offer and their price. Here, the requesting companies usually request the general conditions of the service level agreement " ANS ".

What is the difference between a proposal request or a quote request?

The RFP and Request for Quotation terms " Request for Quotation, RFQ " are often used interchangeably. That happens because they are very related, but nevertheless, an RFQ is less complex. The company writes an RFQ when it knows what it wants to buy and is only interested in the price. This is common in the case of hardware, since it doesn't need much customization. Another example would be that of an office that already has a certain type of scanner and wants to buy a dozen of them, in this case an RFQ can be made to different suppliers.

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