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A company can carry out the selection of personnel and the management of human talent in many different ways, depending on the resources it has, the time it has to find the new worker or even the characteristics of the position. To cover. Of course, the size of the company will also influence, and whether it has a human resources department or not. But what are the most common models of recruitment and selection?

All these are factors that are taken into account when choosing one model of recruitment or another, but you also have to know that many times what is carried out is a combination of several of these models of recruitment . Also, one technique may be used on one occasion, and after a while another may be preferred. These are systems that can be changed and adjusted to the needs of each moment.

We see below the two main models of recruitment and selection of personnel that exist:

The Internal Recruitment Model

The internal recruitment model refers to the type of recruitment that focuses on filling a vacancy using a worker of the company or someone who has been involved with it, without looking out directly. These are the different models of internal recruitment that can be started:

Referral programs

Activating a referral program means engaging employees in the tactics to retain the company's human talent to fill the vacancy. This is a good idea because the people who already work in the company know perfectly its operation and its culture, and will only recommend like-minded people who know for sure that they will adapt to their new position .

The talent base

Why not draw on the talent base that has been generated as a result of previous selection processes? Sure, the best of the candidates ended up being hired, but there were some really good ones . If any of them fit the position, it would be a good choice.

You can also take advantage of internal promotion opportunities at work so that workers occupy higher or simply different positions. Keep in mind that internal promotion is a good way to motivate and restore enthusiasm to employees who have been performing the same functions for a long time , something that can be somewhat frustrating.


Did you once have to fire a worker, due to lack of resources or activity, but did you greatly value his ability? Then, he verifies that his professional profile matches the new vacancy and contacts him again to offer him the job in question.

The External Recruitment Model

On the other hand, external recruitment model is the type that looks for personnel outside the company , that is, it looks for people who, in principle, do not have a direct relationship with the company. These are the most common ways to carry out external recruitment:

Head hunting process

We speak of head hunting when the profile sought is senior or highly specialized , and more sophisticated techniques are used to reach the most qualified professionals.

Internet talent search

It's undoubtedly one of the most frequently used options, as it's as simple as publishing the offer and then filtering the job offers on the job portals to choose the best option.

Search through employment services

Another alternative is to use the public employment services , which will be responsible for transmitting the vacancy to the people registered as job seekers free of charge .

Outsourcing processes

Outsourcing recruitment processes provides many benefits and saves a lot of time.

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