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Recreation defines the action and effect of recreating. Therefore, it can refer to creating or re-producing something. It also refers to fun, cheer or delight, in a search for distraction in the midst of work and daily obligations.

Regarding the first established meaning, we can say that it's usually spoken of what is known as historical recreation. This is an activity that consists of an indeterminate number of people representing in the most faithful way possible an event from the past that had great importance and significance in the land where they live.

With regard to the second meaning, recreation is the use of time that is considered as a therapeutic refreshment of the body and mind. Recreation implies an active participation of the subject, unlike leisure, which generally refers to rest or another more relaxed form of entertainment.

Specialists say that entertainment is important to maintain a balance between homework and physical and mental health. For this reason, when people lead increasingly sedentary and stressful lives, the need for recreation increases.

Among the more traditional recreational activities, those that are carried out outdoors can be mentioned. The fishing, for example, is considered a recreational activity that can relax and enjoy nature.

The sports such as football and various types of games are also chosen by millions of people around the world when recreation.

In short, the concept of recreation encompasses play in all its expressions and activities such as music and theater. All recreational activities are considered to contribute to the enrichment of life. Therefore, recreation is also an attitude or state of mind, which expresses the very nature of man.

Finally, it should not be overlooked that recreation is also used as a synonym for remake, that is, of a work that acts as a new version of a previous one.

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