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The Radiology is the medical use of radiation to diagnose and treat various problems of health. From the use of gamma rays, X-rays and other kinds of rays, it's possible to obtain internal images of the body.

The usual thing is that the images offered by radiology are used to diagnose a disease. In certain specific cases, radiology is also useful for treatment.

People who want to work as radiologists, it's necessary that they be academically trained through the degrees and careers established in this regard. These educational tools will allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge in this regard, such as, for example, the effects of radiation on the human body.

It's known as radiography to the photograph that, through x-rays, reveals internal issues of the body. X-rays allow us to observe the bones and thus the doctor indicates what treatment to develop in the event of a fracture, to name one possibility.

One of the areas of medicine where radiology has taken center stage in recent years is dentistry. And it helps to ensure that dentists can really know how their patients' mouth is, specifically the areas that the naked eye can't reach.

Specifically, currently in this field we have to state that there are two large groups of radiographic techniques: extraoral, which are used to know and observe what the outer part of the oral cavity is, and intraoral, which, as their own name indicates, they are used to know the interior of it. This means that, in turn, the latter can be divided into occlusal, periapical and coronal.

When radiology has as its main objective the establishment of a diagnosis, it's called diagnostic radiology. If, on the other hand, their techniques are applied for an image-guided surgical intervention, we speak of interventional radiology. Both disciplines, of course, aren't isolated, but their borders tend to be erased in the framework of the interaction with a patient.

An example of interventional radiology is embolization, which allows bleeding to be stopped in an organ or vessel by using some kind of glue that can introduce a blockage. This technique is used in the treatment of fistulas and aneurysms, among other disorders that can affect a person's health.

According to the body region which focuses specialization, on the other hand, it's possible to refer to the gynecological radiology, the cardiac radiology, the dental radiology and gastrointestinal radiology, among others.

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