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Start a project without a project plan? Not a good idea. A project plan is actually a project assignment and contains a lot of important information. For example, agreements are made in the project plan between the client and the project leader.

The agreements concern, among other things, which facts, situations and parent organizational goals the assignment has to deal with " background ", the undesirable situation " problem " and which should ultimately be resolved " goal ".

Even more important is what has to be delivered when the project is finished. To clarify the assignment between the client and project manager, it's also recorded what's not done.

What is a project plan?

A project plan can be seen as a contract or agreement. It describes what the project entails and what agreements have been made. The plan also ensures that agreements are guaranteed if you record it on 'paper'.

Why is a project plan so important?

The project plan stipulates what you'll do and, in particular, how you'll do it. The 'how' provides insight into what's needed to ultimately achieve the goals and deliver results.

This gives both the client and the project manager insight into the required costs, duration, quality expectations but also which employees " project organization " are needed to realize the project and how decision-making takes place.

By structuring the approach you keep control and control of what needs to be done and you, as the project manager and client, know what the progress of the project is. It also helps project staff to give direction to their work, so that they better understand what's expected of them.

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