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As a project manager or project leader you're the man or woman who keeps an overview of a specific project with a predefined goal or end result. If you're good at coaching, have a broad knowledge of your field and strong analytical skills, then a job as a project manager might be something for you.

What does a project manager do?

Project managers work in various sectors and fields: from the IT to the construction sector, and from HR to marketing . Depending on the sector in which the company is active, you may have to lead a project in which a new software package must be implemented within a company or that you yourself are responsible for the realization of a construction project.

Which tasks belong to project management?

Whatever the nature of your project, the objectives are usually the same. The following components are invariably part of your duties:

You prepare a project plan

Together with your client you define the objectives of your project and determine how you'll achieve them: what is your end goal, what is the timing and what resources do you have available? As a project manager, it is your task to clarify the objectives , so that you can link specific actions to them.

You coordinate the progress of the project

As a project manager you take charge of the daily management of your project. If you receive the support of a team, you divide the tasks and responsibilities and you monitor their proper implementation. You also keep an eye on all deadlines and the budget and ensure that your suppliers and project staff adhere to them.

You're the central point of contact, both internally and externally

You're the point of contact for your project for colleagues, suppliers, customers and for management. As a project manager you'll therefore regularly attend meetings. Moreover, you'll be the first person to be contacted if something doesn't go as planned. Acting quickly or delegating to the right person is the message.

Finally, you're also a coach for your team : you provide practical advice, adjust where necessary and motivate people to achieve the project goal together.

You're both an expert and a manager

As a project manager you're an expert in your field. You're familiar with work or production methods, you know where the problems lie and how you can minimize risks or problems . Your broad knowledge helps you to save a helicopter view and make the right decisions.

So you don't have to use your expertise in a practical way, but use it primarily to weigh up solutions, advice and choices.

What skills should a project manager have?

To successfully complete this leadership role, a project manager must have some very important qualities:

Analytical ability: Every successful project starts with a thorough understanding of the objectives to be achieved. You'll have to ensure that your client's question is crystal clear, determine which profiles are needed to realize the project and formulate the right sub-tasks for each employee within your team. In addition, you're responsible for ensuring that the time limit per sub-task ultimately leads to a timely delivery within the budget.

Proactivity: As a project manager you must be able to estimate the risk factors for your project in advance. For each of these risks you provide the right measures to avoid or limit any damage.

People Skills: Within your project you'll not be responsible for the implementation of the partial tasks, but you'll ensure that every task is successfully completed. This means that you will have to lead and coach people so that they remain motivated.

Resistance to stress: No matter how well you estimate risks, unforeseen circumstances can never be ruled out completely. It goes without saying that you have to have the necessary cold-bloodedness to deal with these obstacles.

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