Project Management of the Future


Some insights for Project Management of the future

Project management is in full swing. The profession is undergoing enormous professionalization. Companies are paying more and more attention to the fulfillment of the position and are looking for experienced project managers, with expertise and certification. Where does the future of project management lie? We'll show you a number of interesting trends:

Experience, skills and competences

The skills and competencies expected of a project manager are twisted. The days of testing purely on 'hard skills' (process, templates, procedures) are over. Companies attach more and more importance to the 'soft skills'. The style, the way of transparent communication, the leadership characteristics, willingness to listen, dynamics and team player aspects are trumps to succeed in your project.

The customer comes first

The increasing importance of these skills does not, of course, detract from the traditional qualities of a good project manager. The basic concepts such as Deliverables, Scope-Outputs, On-time, Within Budget, Efficiency and Quality focus are still important, but in themselves are no longer sufficient to be successful.

Project management will have to think more customer-oriented and organize itself around it. Important concepts are 'Customer / End-user Adoption, Customer Experience & impact, Outcomes and Benefit-Value'. These concepts must be supported within project management by 'Speed, Time to Market and Experience'. Flexibility to change (within a project) and agility are the key to give the customer maximum 'business value'.

Getting started as a project manager

Do you want to put the customer at the center of the development of your project? Some tips on how to tackle the matter efficiently as a project manager, with attention for your customer:

  • Treat every stakeholder like a customer
  • Identify the ultimate customer
  • Develop accurate and in-depth knowledge about the customer. Put yourself in his / her skin.
  • Create Team Objectives to deliver business value to the customer
  • Align PMO and PM processes to serve the customer
  • Give team members the freedom to make decisions that contribute to the customer experience
  • Create an interactive relationship (vertical, horizontal, internal and external) with the customer
  • Focus on the customer's true goals

Project management is therefore changing under the influence of three major trends: professionalization, the broadening of the skill set and the customer-oriented approach. The interplay of these three factors will strongly define the future of project management. So be prepared!

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