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Professional development, without a doubt, is a goal to which most people aspire and which represents meeting the goals of self-improvement and improving our quality of life.

Surely, if you're reading this article it's because you're wondering how you can advance in your career path and grow to achieve your purposes.

Precisely, in this article we'll talk about some tips that can help you achieve the professional development you dream of.

If you're interested in knowing about this topic, don't stop reading!

1. Study a university career

Yes, education is key to being able to build a solid career path in the world of work that can give you the kind of opportunities you're looking for and that can direct you towards achieving goals such as building wealth or being more independent.

Keep in mind when selecting an academic option, that the degree you choose must respond to your talents, preferences, areas of opportunity and lifestyle.

Another important point to take into account is that like the decision of what career to study, the choice of university is key to your future. The most recommended is that you opt for a study house with a long history, quality academic plans and the necessary infrastructure for you to grow and develop your potential to the maximum.

2. Seek to gain work experience before graduation

When you leave university, it's not always easy to find the job opportunity you're looking for, specially because most companies look for professionals who already have experience in the work environment.

That said, if you get ahead of the situation and join a company from your stage as a student to start building a solid path in the area of ​​your interest, you'll have great advantages.

Choose to look for a job or a professional internship opportunity that allows you to delve into the type of subjects and tasks in which you feel you can perform better and try to learn as much as possible from those around you.

Also, at the end of your stay in a company while you're a student, it's advisable to ask for a letter of recommendation so that upon graduation you have some tools to demonstrate your experience wherever you go.

3. Get organized and be productive

To enter your path as a successful professional, forming good organizational and productivity habits is key.

Time is a very valuable thing that you should make the most of. Sometimes it can seem very difficult to avoid procrastination, but there are some methods that can help you efficiently optimize your work times, getting you to complete tasks quickly and with optimal quality.

David Allen, the author of the book Organize Yourself Effectively (2001) teaches us and gives us valuable tools that as professionals we can use for our development.

Allen explains that, to work, we must seek a constant state of "flow", avoiding deconcentration and postponing duties. And how can you achieve this? The work summarizes it with the GTD method, for its acronym in English "Get Things Done".

This technique has 5 fundamental pillars to apply in our work, which are: capture, clarify, organize, reflect and act. To learn more, keep reading!


Start by capturing, this means that you write down everything you have in mind to do. Avoid at all costs just trying to remember or memorize it without previously pointing it out, since our brain must be focused on generating creative ideas and not on remembering our earrings.


Once you have a list of all the activities you must complete, organize them by priority. Take a first task and ask yourself what it's and what it requires to be accomplished.

To answer the last question, there are different variables, which are: "I cannot take an action now to fulfill it" or "I can act to fulfill it".

In the event that you cannot act at the moment, discard it or put it on a list of tasks to prioritize.

On the contrary, if your answer was that you can act to accomplish the task, now ask yourself: "Does it take me less than two minutes to do it?" If so, perform that task immediately.


To organize, this method recommends us to divide the earrings into the following sections:

Someday or maybe: here you must put the tasks that are not a priority or necessary at that time and you can leave them for the future.

Reference materials: create a list of information or material you need to complete your activities.

Waiting list: in this list the things you still cannot do; however, you have them pending and you must keep attention on them.

Action calendar: it serves to schedule all the goals you need to meet. After this calendar make your list of next actions to do.

To finish, create a "checklist" and check out all the activities you have completed during the day.


This point is very important. At the end of your week, try to ask yourself if what you're doing is giving you the expected results. If you find that your methods work, keep it up. If not, it's time to plan a new strategy.

4. Never stop learning

It's useless to study a career if at the end we never take a book again or seek to learn new skills, but, above all, if we don't update ourselves on the topics in which we have specialized.

A constantly developing professional never stops studying, since the learning process isn't static, he must always renew and update his knowledge.

One way to achieve professional development is to study postgraduate courses, such as master's or doctoral degrees; However, not only are those options available, you can study diplomas or online courses.

He always seeks that the content to be learned corresponds to the new trends that the labor market demands. What you study in your degree, it may be that in 10 years it's not as valid and there is new knowledge to acquire.

Ready! These are 4 of the ways in which you can boost your professional development to meet the goals you have planned for the coming years.

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