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A professional career choice test gives you a comprehensive result and a clear explanation of that result. How did the result come about and what does it really say about you? What else do you recognize in a good career choice test?


A career choice test must be accurate. The test should give approximately the same result every time you do it. If it's always 15 degrees Celsius in a certain room, a reliable thermometer should always indicate this. And not 11 degrees one time, and 19 degrees the other time. This seems simple, but specially with tests that say something about someone's personality, such as with a career choice test, that's very difficult. The reliability can be determined by means of statistical research. Theoretical background (validity) . Is the test based on a theory that has proven itself? Most of the good career choice tests, including the professional career choice test from Promest, are based on Dr. RIASEC's theory. John Holland from the United States. His ideas are at the basis of many career-choice tests that are used worldwide. People who choose a profession that best fits their personality will be successful and satisfied. The RIASEC theory is also known as RIASOC theory. Each letter of the word RIASOC stands for a personality trait with matching professions.


The result of a career choice test is of course what it's all about. You must be able to read and understand the results without the intervention of a psychologist or adviser. The length of the report that you receive isn't a guarantee of quality. For example, some reports give you the idea that you're reading a horoscope. It's then not clear how certain conclusions were drawn and on what basis. Sometimes reports are also very short or brief and therefore have limited value. With career selection tests, watch out for results in which you only receive a profession or professions. After all, a profession alone doesn't say much. The point is that you understand why a particular profession may or may not suit you.


A standardization refers to the group of people with whom you're compared. Take someone's height as an example. A man is a giant in Japan at 1.80, but fairly average in tall in his country here most men have the approximate tall. These types of effects also occur for personality and career choice. Your level of entrepreneurship, for example, is also a relative score and therefore culture dependent. Unfortunately, many free tests are offered on the internet that don't result on the basis of a comparison between you and a norm group. The creator of the test has then figured out what a high or low score is (determining a standard is time-consuming and expensive).

Price of professional career tests

Prices of a professional career selection test vary considerably. Real tests aren't free, but the price does not say much about quality. There are even very expensive tests on the market that aren't worth that money. Sometimes you can take a test at a reputable agency that only charges a very high price based on this reputation. It often happens that the test itself isn't recently standardized (standardizing a test is costly and time-consuming) or can't be interpreted without the intervention of a personal and expensive conversation.

A small fee is charged for the professional professional choice test from the company. You'll find extensive information and information about payment options in the test. This professional test meets all common criteria, such as good validity, correct norm group and transparency. You can also first do a short and free variant of this career choice test.

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