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The production department is the area of ​​a company whose main function is the transformation of raw materials into final products.

Depending on the size of the company we can have several levels or positions within its hierarchical structure such as workshop operators, workshop managers or team leaders, production manager, production engineers or specialized technical staff.


They are the people who carry out a direct work in the factory of transformation of the raw material into product, following the quality requirements imposed by the customer. To carry out their work correctly they rely on production documents such as drawings or technical specifications.

Workshop managers or team leader or plant manager

The workshop managers or team leaders are the direct managers of the operators. They are responsible for ensuring proper operation in the factory. They organize the operators regarding the tasks that each of them must perform or the organization of their shifts.

They are also responsible for resolving any incident that doesn't allow operators to develop their work, such as lack of tools, lack of documentation, etc.

Depending on the size of the company, there may be one or more workshop managers.

Specialized technical staff

Within the production department there can also be specialized technical personnel who are responsible for carrying out the necessary production documents so that operators can execute their work correctly such as: plans, work orders, technical instructions, technical specifications..., as well as documentation that operators must fill in for their control.

All tasks performed during production must be reflected in these documents in order to account for and control the production process, which makes it possible to better distinguish process failures and evaluate improvement projects.

These personnel can depend on the production manager, the area director or the company manager, depending on their size.

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