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Product Information Management " PIM " is a software for managing product information, ensures that all content describing the products are always available and uniform. Different solutions for managing master data, such as Master Data Management " MDM ", do more or less the same, but are limited by your own organization. The PIM ensures that content provided by suppliers, partners and consumers is also included in the same system in a uniform manner. The PIM can take over the functions of MDM, or the " previous " MDM system can be integrated into the PIM system.

In many companies, all information the product is stored in a fragmented in different systems as an ERP system, management system, customer relationship " CRM ", online store, accounting software, warehouse management system, the POS system, mobile applications, etc. With a PIM software, the company can make all the information consistent and can be managed and distributed from a siteto the right channels. As a result, a company with an online store will always have all the current information available to the customer, such as product descriptions, photos, suggestions for related or alternative products. The system can even recommend a combination of products that the customer may need.

By centralizing all product information, business processes are simplified. For example, the opinions that a customer writes are saved as essential product information. This helps the company or even, occasionally, the production provider to optimize the item. In addition, opinions can help future consumers make a purchase decision. The ultimate goal is to focus less on improving individual processes, and focus more on improving the consumer experience.

Enterprise resource planning " ERP " systems often have a " basic " product information management module available. The degree " of integration " of the module to meet the requirements of a company will always depend on each case. However, most ERP systems are also usually connected to an external PIM system.

How do PIM systems relate to other software?

There are numerous terms that are related to product information management. Many of these terms are almost synonymous. In theory, everyone has a slightly different approach, but in practice they are often used interchangeably. The term that's most used as a synonym for PIM is that of product content management " PCM, Product Content Management ". In principle, the PCM is a broader type of product information management, since it also controls the product marketing strategy. However, in practice there are also many PIM programs that also do so, or at least provide the marketing department with the necessary information about the product and sales so that it can develop strategies.

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