Preparing for the Administration of the Future


It's the time to prepare yourself

While it was predicted in 2015 that the administrative sector would be taken over by robots, it increasingly seems that it concerns adaptation and the adaptive capacity of the administrative staff. Many automated processes have been developed and jobs have undoubtedly been lost, but the real stars in the administration field are indispensable. The human hand isn't that easy to ignore from the administration. But to make sure this is the case in the future, it's time to look at what the administration of the future will look like and what is important to keep an eye on.

Keep the overview

Earlier we posted a piece about working in a clear manner. This will become even more important in the future. When working with automated processes, online accounting programs, agendas in the cloud and message boards to communicate, the administration must be able to keep an overview to be able to grant all employees access at any time. Making a list of platforms and software to be used is a strong start. Do not forget to update the list when certain platforms are added or removed and always link the accounts to a central email address so that notifications aren't lost. The administrative employee is wise to choose good software for storing all usernames and passwords, as this can also be a barrier to clear work.

More than working in the cloud

Storage of data takes space and time. The storage of a lot of data currently costs a lot of the budget of larger companies. But that will change in the future. The blockchain developers are hard at work to make data storage in the cloud redundant because the blockchain itself offers better options. With private keys to give people access, with lower costs for data storage and with the security that a larger company wants.

By the way, much more is happening on the blockchain. There is a good chance that administrative employees will have to deal with cryptocurrency in the future. Various companies in the Netherlands are currently exploring the possibilities. How desirable is it to be able to pay in five, ten or as many as fifteen different currencies? That will not be a problem for the administrative employee who chooses the best cryptocurrency wallet. A good wallet can be used to store many different coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Handy when the overview must be kept and payments must be made at any time by any employee.

Administration of the future isn't that far away

We often think that developments will take our time. But in this case, waiting isn't an option. The administrative employees who want to grow within a company must choose a pioneering role and start to learn about the possibilities that are still called the future, but are much closer than most people think.

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