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4 Steps to Prepare a Job Description

The job description also comes in handy after you have hired someone. For example, as a benchmark for the annual assessment of an employee. In addition, it's necessary for proper substantiation of dismissal due to malfunctions.

The following step-by-step plan helps you to prepare a job description:

Step 1. Ask yourself exactly who you need

Specially with a new position you'll first have to ask yourself exactly who you're looking for. In addition, a small but growing company usually looks for someone who is at home in many markets and can grow with the company. In established companies, on the other hand, functions have crystallized more often. Strategic personnel planning can certainly come in handy for both types of companies .

Step 2. Get started with the job description

It's now time to roll up your sleeves and get started with the job description. For example, put the aforementioned parts on paper. It's also possible that you can connect to job descriptions for your industry. For example, as a hospitality entrepreneur you can use a register with reference positions and associated job descriptions.

Step 3. Make it part of your personnel policy

You of course only compile a job description to actually use it. You do that by making it part of the personnel policy. In recruitment and selection you can, for example, use it to find the right candidates. In addition, it's useful during the interview cycle of performance reviews and appraisal interviews .

Step 4. Get an update regularly

A job description isn't set in stone. A person's duties and responsibilities change over time. Therefore, adjust the job description regularly, for example if an employee is given or leaves a different job. Involve not only the employee who holds the position, but also his immediate colleagues. That way you get valuable ideas for improvement.

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