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Do you want to become a true BI consultant? Would you like to be able to analyze real-time data and impress with your reports? Then it's time you got to know Power BI. With Power BI you can analyze almost any kind of data in dashboards and reports. In this article we give you tips on how to effectively start using Power BI.

What is Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence " BI " tool, with which you can easily make data analyzes. What makes Power BI so powerful is the ability to connect many different types of data sources. This way you can't only collaborate online within the same dataset, but also work with external datasets. For example, create personalized dashboards so that your colleagues have the information that you want to show. Or send your customers an interactive report that they can view online. With a little practice, it becomes as possible for everyone to analyze data.

Where to start

Do you also want to start with Power BI? You only have to create an account at powerbi.microsoft.com. You then get access to your Power BI portal, where you can create a workspace. The magic happens within this workspace.

Power BI has links with just about every data source. You can retrieve data from your own organization, import data, or retrieve from existing online services. For example, there are links with well-known CRMs and marketing tools.

If you have become more convenient, you can even retrieve real-time data through APIs. Once you have drawn in data, Power BI automatically generates and visualizes a number of relationships within your data set.

Within your organization

What Power BI excels in is showing data within your organization. Power BI can therefore be linked to many applications that your organization uses internally. For example, link it to your administration, or import data through Excel or SQL Server. This becomes even simpler if you use the Office 365 suite. Data that you previously had to unlock manually can then be displayed in real time automatically. This allows everyone to build dashboards. Of course, Office 365 isn't required, but it makes tracking the health of your organization very easy.

Power BI Desktop and Pro

Do you really have a taste for it? Do you want to take the next step towards becoming a Power BI data analyst? Then try Power BI Desktop. This program, which you download to your PC, gives you the option of creating even more extensive reports.

Immerse yourself well in the data sets that you want to use. Do you prefer more functionality within your online Power BI portal? Then consider Power BI Pro. This paid version offers even more functionalities and applications than the free version. Here too, you need to understand your data sets to create powerful reports.

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