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The largest social networking site also has a section where you as a company can post job openings. How do you do this, what are the costs or is this free?

Where can you post vacancies on Facebook?

If you log in to Facebook you'll find a menu on the left with all kinds of shortcuts. The most used are the news overview, messenger and since a few months also the Marketplace. At the bottom you can now also find the shortcut to Vacancies.

As a company, you bind a large Facebook advertisement at the top of this page where you can post a vacancy.

Why post job openings on Facebook?

If you have a simple profile that you think many will show interest (many applicants or job seekers) you can use this feature on the social networking site.

How much does a job posting on Facebook cost? The price is... free!

You also don't have to pay anything to post a vacancy because Facebook primarily wants its users to find everything on their site or app. So also new work. This way they know the user's job interest and function. Immediately needed information for Facebook to do better targeting to these users. Someone who is looking for vacancies as an engineer will have more budget (read different spending patterns) than, for example, someone who is half-time volunteer in an animal pension.

The biggest disadvantage of Facebook and vacancies: Facebook isn't a jobsite

Just like Google broke its teeth on social networks (who still knows Google Plus?) Facebook will have a hard time convincing users. Getting vacancies for a company is so much more than creating space.

What is not, can still come! Vacancies in the news overview

If Facebook decides to drop a few other advertisements and specifically show vacancies between the newsfeed, we talk about a different story. But it would be a great surprise to me that posting these vacancies will still be free. Not free also immediately means: weighing costs per applicant for your vacancy.

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