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Being a writer is one of the most vocational professions and to which people who have a passion for reading, letters and the humanistic field dedicate themselves.

This doesn't mean that it's a field limited to this type of professionals, but quite the opposite, since the domain of writing and specially creativity is something that anyone can work on.

If your interest is to develop the profession of writer as a professional career, you can guide your studies towards this goal and work on resources and courses that help you learn to write fluently.

Whatever you decide, and like any profession based on creativity, the best learning is practice, perseverance and reading.

What to study to be a writer

The following study majors will help you to become a good writer.

1. Journalism and Communication

Many of the great writers of this century are journalism and communication professionals who also develop their skills with writing and creativity.

This type of study will help you to put your ideas in order and transmit them in a coherent, attractive and professional way.

2. Philology

Whether Hispanic or specialized in other languages, it will allow you a deep knowledge of the literature that has shaped the language.

It's a career very focused on people who want to be writers and have a very high command of the language, in addition to using literary resources that enrich their work.

3. Language and literature

It's the career for which people who want to work in publishing houses, media, libraries,...

It will allow you to acquire great literary knowledge, in addition to working in a practical way on your creative literature and mastery of the written language.

In addition, these careers have been renewed with the digital transformation and offer a new approach, taking into account digital platforms and the use of language on the Internet.

4. Movies

While it may seem moving away from writing, it's a type of study that will help you develop your creative side and know how to write scripts for television, movies and shorts.

Knowing how to adapt literary works to film scripts, enrich dialogue or create comedies and dramas that must be interpreted are great challenges for writers and creative professionals.

Humanistic careers such as Philosophy, History, Anthropology can also be very beneficial and provide you with great knowledge to apply to your creations, and that you can complete with writing courses that help you better understand the resources of the written language and how to use them.

Writing careers examples

  • Medical Writer
  • Content strategist
  • Technical Writer
  • Proposal Writer
  • Journalist
  • Report Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Greeting card writer
  • Copywriter
  • Novelist
  • Technical writer
  • Speechwriter
  • Freelance Writer
  • Video game writer
  • Book editor
  • Communications director
  • Marketing communications specialist
  • Columnist
  • Grant Writer
  • Content Writer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Resume Writer
  • Text Translator
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Copy editor
  • Social media specialist
  • Travel writer
  • Proofreader

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