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Overview About Web Design Career

Training in Web Design is a short-term career, which allows you to create a comprehensive website and provide professional support.

The study of Web Design trains professionals through the learning of the fundamental concepts to build a website on the Internet from a first creative idea, the functional development of the product, the respect for the requirements of the client and the application of the latest technologies of the market. Working in the development of digital sites presents a broad field of work, where communication changed the way to access news and entertainment, as well as understanding the demanding needs of customers.

The Web Designer is familiar with the latest software tools, recognizes the history of the market on the Internet, which sites attract attention and make a difference and how it's convenient to really use the available resources. The professional uses image manipulation programs, knows which messages attract a user through digital media and offer the design that best respects the main idea of ​​a brand.

Training in Web Design allows generating a new environment to communicate, integrate a product or service in social media and modify the aesthetics of a website through various technologies.

The graduate can work in Internet service companies in both public and private sectors, as well as being able to develop ideas and projects independently.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Web Design


- It's considered one of the races of the future.
- Extensive work output.
- Good economic remuneration
- Provides knowledge in the latest technologies.
- Ideal career for creative minds.

The disadvantages are:

- It can require many extra hours of work.
- A lot of job competition
- It requires the knowledge of different programming languages.
- Possible economic instability if you only work as an independent.
- It's not a career oriented for people out of date before the technological changes of the market.

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