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The Text Correction career study trains professionals to evaluate and modify writings through aesthetic and grammatical techniques and tools.

The study of Text Correction provides knowledge to apply on any type of writings related to literature, sciences, legal spaces, Marketing, Advertising, the different journalistic areas or a particular topic independently.

The professional uses the most effective methods in correction, taking into account the aesthetic characteristics and technical aspects that a text requires.

The career in Text Correction is oriented to encourage the growth of other professions such as teaching, public translators, journalism and editorial management, where professionals can improve their tools and communication techniques . The graduate can perform in public or private sectors and also act as editor in publishers and various graphic media.

The professional in Text Correction recognizes which are the most effective methods to modify a writing, has information about the main foundations of a language, uses the most sought-after tools in social discourses and combines semantic and syntactic aspects.

The Copyeditor may specialize in academic writing, internal communications at the enterprise level or cultural centers, agencies advertising, launching websites, development of guides and instructional manuals and journalistic organizations related to the main means of communication.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Text Correction Career

The advantages are:

- Improves oral and written expression.
- Possibility of working independently.
- Opportunity to grow professionally in the main media.
- Extensive work output.
- The career allows to increase the knowledge in diverse thematic areas.

The disadvantages are:

- It requires many hours of work.
- It's a career that needs patience and dedication to the requests of a client.
- Complex labor insertion
- Economic instability in case of working as a private individual.
- It demands an absolute knowledge of the language.

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