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Overview About System Analysis Career Study

In system analysis you'll learn to analyze the processes of an organization in such a way that you know what needs they have in terms of TDI systems to optimize their processes. This sounds easy, but it's not. Because not only do you have to have the knowledge of technological tools, you also need to learn how different organizations work and what their objectives are.

For a private company in the pharmaceutical sector, for example, what is important is the confidentiality of your data, the accuracy of your processes and the reduction of costs to obtain the highest possible profit. A non-governmental organization, however, has a very different objective and therefore has different computer interests. Perhaps its main objective is to give medical consultations to marginalized children, and they need systems so that their employees can consult the medical data outside the office, in a mobile device.

In this career you'll learn how to search and develop, through different programming languages, the best tools and the most appropriate software for any organization. You'll be able to work as a TDI specialist in an organization or in a consulting position carrying out technical feasibility studies for different types of projects.

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