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Overview About Surveying Career

Surveying is a career for those who are interested in measuring and drawing plans, working in conjunction with other professions.

The career of Surveying provides knowledge necessary to develop the profession, such as topography, cartography, measurement, statistics, to matters more related to the legal, economic and social area.

The surveyor works in the places where it's requested, from public bodies to private works, since many people request the work of a professional in this career for the realization of building projects, public works, divisions of lots, legality of deeds, between Another questions.

It's a career that has a wide field of work, you can go to work in urban areas or rural areas, or both at the same time, if you have no problems with constant travel. They can be responsible for the delimitation of the passage of the railway, the layout of the aerial map, division of plots, preparation of reports on metric issues that make the infrastructure of works or cities.

The work of the surveyor is usually particular, since he usually works as a team with other professionals such as lawyers and architects. In many occasions this knowledge may be required to carry out a government project, which is why, apart from working independently, an interdisciplinary consultancy can be created to extend the work output.

In addition, the career of Surveying allows the graduate to work in different areas, since it gives him the ability and the knowledge that he needs to develop in his tasks, as well as he can also dedicate himself to the research or teaching area, to continue instructing new professionals.

On the other hand, the graduate can perform specializations in: Geodesy, where satellites are used, among other equipment, for measurement; Hydrographic, is about the measurement related to the maritime field; Geophysics, where the soils for the exploitation of minerals are investigated.

The Surveying professional has the necessary training in knowledge, methodology and techniques to carry out the tasks entrusted to him, and as a job he is well paid.

At present, it can be said that technology favors the work of the surveyor, through the different programs that have been created to facilitate the realization of plans and also measurements.

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