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In many universities, The Degree in Software Engineering takes 4 study years and in others 5, the modality of course is morning, afternoon and evening.

The Faculty that usually dictates this study is Faculty of Computer science, in some universities it's in the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Technology or the Superior Technical School of Engineering of Computer Systems.

In summary, the Degree in Software Engineering prepares professionals for the development, design, testing and maintenance of the software . Its objective is to train professionals capable of implementing solutions with the capacity to lead Software development teams.

Why study Software Engineering?

Because software engineering is one of the most demanded professional careers .

At present, it's practically impossible to live without using the various existing software, either on our computer, our mobile phone or even in our washing machine or refrigerator. Due to the incessant advances in technology, software engineering has become one of the most demanded and fastest growing professions.

The needs that arise in the computer world make the job market that awaits software engineers great and of many opportunities.

Software Engineering Objectives

Plan, Design, develop, test and sign projects to develop products and services based on technology and information technology.

Student profile

- People with a base in mathematics and physics.
- Profile motivated by innovations and new technologies.
- Enthusiastic for teamwork.
- Interested in engineering related to Computing.
- With great analytical thinking.
- With great ability to create and design their own solutions.

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Graduates in Software Engineering perform tasks of

- Programming
- Direct and manage software engineering projects.
- Computer Audit
- Computer forensics.
- Calculate the costs of technological developments.
- Design and implement systems.
- Development of solutions and computer applications.
- Videogame Development
- Software maintenance.
- Design and Development of Information Systems.
- Development of Tests (Testing).
- Analysis in computer security.
- Education for the development of tasks as a teacher.
- Consulting in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTechnology and Software.
- Lead work teams remotely.

Positions held by a Software Engineer

A Software Engineer works in different areas and companies, as a programmer or developer of apps (dedicating himself to code implementation) to Technology Director where he leads and performs the strategic and operational management of the software.

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