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Social Communication Career

In this article you'll find information about the social communication career, read it to get more knowledge about this business field.
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The media focuses on the study of different social discourse, its meaning and how is that they originate in society. In addition, it deals with analyzing the media through which communication is carried out: written, audiovisual and graphic, among others. The social communicator analyzes the social processes through the study of his speeches.

What is Social Communication and what does the person receive in this career?

Social communication is one of the most complete careers that the branch of human disciplines has. It's an interdisciplinary practice: it covers sociology, philosophy, letters, journalism .

As in all communication arts, it also has its double face: technical and theoretical .

The journalists have a wide range of theoretical and practical tools that enable them to be inserted in many different fields of work. Many graduates of the career are dedicated to teaching and research. Others are dedicated to journalism and writing in written media, such as newspapers, magazines and online media ; they are also inserted in audiovisual media, channels and producers, as script writers or designers of advertising campaigns. There are also those who turn to the virtual world and dedicate themselves to the management of social networks, such as " community managers ".

But their job opportunities aren't limited to the media.

Graduates of social communication work in the public or private sector in the area of internal or external institutional communication . They are spokespersons and strategists who design campaigns aimed at producing a specific message, whether in private companies, NGOs or state secretariats . It's clear that the labor field of the social communicator is extensive: its objectives are the analysis and production of contents, and as such, it fulfills a clear social function that finds expression in many sectors of society.

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