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Overview About the Services Career

In the Services career, the activities that respond to the most diverse needs of people are collected.

There are professional profiles related to support for families, for example domestic workers and babysitters, personal care and well-being, for example hairdressers and beauticians, to the provision of useful services, such as cleaners, ecological operators, Wedding Planners, ironers and dog sitters.

It's a very heterogeneous sector, which brings together professionals who people turn to get the performance they need, when they need it: are offered occasional or ongoing services, depending on the different needs of each.

For example, a green maintenance worker may be called in to care for a garden or park at regular intervals, or be contacted solely for the pruning of a large tree. Similarly, a babysitter can be hired to look after the children at fixed times, every week, or come to the aid of busy parents in a single moment of need.

To those who pursue a career in the services sector is usually required training of such technical and professional, which supports the lecture courses a substantial part of practice and training on the job, to gain experience in the job.

What types of companies hire in the Services sector

The companies in which Service professionals find work are of different types and sizes: alongside structured realities with numerous employees there are many small realities.

Some professionals in fact operate on the market as self-employed workers, creating their own customer base, while others prefer to find employment in companies that provide a certain service (for example professional cleaning companies, waste collection and disposal companies), or even join cooperatives.

Another distinction concerns the way in which the services are provided: there are professionals who work at home, such as domestic workers, babysitters and dog sitters, while other types of services are offered in shops, centers and points of sale. For example, in the area of ​​wellness and personal care there are gyms and fitness centers, spas, hair salons, beauty centers.

Various Services - Job prospects

The employment outlook for the services sector tend to be positive, especially with regard to in-home services: more and more often people resort to the help of qualified professionals to carry out different tasks in the home, the cleanliness of the home care to the person.

In particular, assistance to children, the elderly and pets are among the main areas of growth in the sector.

The wellness and personal care sector also has good growth prospects. In fact, the number of people who want to take care of their physical appearance and well-being is increasing by turning to specialized professionals.

What skills are needed for the Services career?

Among the soft skills ( soft skills ) in many professions of the services sector are:

Customer relationship management

Those who offer services often relate directly to their customers: both those who have to agree on a service with the customer (for example the Wedding Planner ), and those who have real physical contact with people (such as beauticians, hairdressers, tattoo artists), but also those who for work have to enter family and domestic contexts (for example a babysitter).

For this reason, communication skills and great sensitivity are required on the part of workers in managing the professional and human relationship with customers.

Physical endurance

Many service professions are tiring, especially physically. Often these are manual jobs, which require great energy and physical endurance to be carried out: cleaning, washing, ironing, cutting the grass, collecting waste, assisting an elderly person, taking care of children, taking care of the animation of a party...

Attention to needs

The Services sector was created to respond to the specific needs of customers. Being able to interpret these needs to give an adequate response to customer needs is very important: to be able to offer a personalized, quality service capable of making the customer satisfied.

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