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The Sales profession focuses on selling goods and services. This can be done at multiple levels, from the market stall to the company takeover, as long as something is sold. Careers in this profession can't only focus on sales, but also be responsible for processing and analyzing sales data, so that sales can be arranged in more efficient ways. The ultimate goal for everyone in this profession is to sell as much and as expensive as possible.

What is earned in the selling profession?

Because the sale takes place on so many different levels, there is no representative average for the profession. A salesperson in the store will earn much less than a sales manager or sales specialist. The amount that's paid out is also often dependent on the amount that you're able to sell from a product or service (such as call center work). In general, the salary of managers, analysts, etc. is above the average income, and the salary of sellers in the subordinate role (in shops, call centers, etc.) is below that average income.

Examples for selling careers are:

  • Account Executive
  • Account manager
  • Account Manager Rent
  • Real Estate Account Manager
  • Ad seller
  • Antique dealer
  • Antiquarian
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Doctor visitor
  • Assistant Account Manager
  • Assistant Optician
  • Assistant-hearing care professional
  • Hearing professional
  • Car dealer
  • Car salesman
  • Baker
  • Barista
  • Business administration
  • Flower seller
  • Florist
  • Bookmaker
  • Brand Manager
  • Brand manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Cafeteria employee
  • Caissiere
  • Call Center Employee
  • Colporteur
  • Commercial Director
  • Commercial manager
  • Commercial Salesperson
  • Veterinary visitor
  • Beauty shop
  • Export Manager
  • Export employee Internal service

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