Security & Surveillance Career


The Security and Surveillance profession revolves around monitoring persons, organizations or products, directly or indirectly, to ensure that nothing happens to the product, organization or person. In addition to security officers or their supervisors, security also includes professions that ensure state security. In addition, there are also professions that investigate security, thereby indirectly optimizing security, or preventing (further) crimes. The ultimate goal for people in this profession is to ensure safety as well as possible, without being afraid. Assertiveness and diligence are important skills in this, because potential danger can and must be prevented.

What is earned in the security & surveillance profession?

For the functions that are strictly concerned with security, the average salary is less than the avg. income. For more managerial positions, such as professional officers, the salary would be better than good. These differences were caused by the educational and work experience within this profession.

Examples for security & surveillance careers are:

  • Agent on horseback
  • Health and safety advisor
  • Arrest guard
  • Lifeguard
  • Information Security Policy Officer
  • Security engineer
  • Depositary
  • Guard
  • Fire watch
  • Fireman
  • Brigadier
  • Commissioner
  • Crime analyst
  • Animal Agent
  • Prison Guard
  • Dog handler
  • Head of Facility Affairs
  • Chief Agent
  • Chief officer
  • Chief Inspector
  • Catering porter
  • Hotel porter
  • Information Security Manager
  • Inspector
  • Fire safety inspector
  • Internet investigator
  • Marina employee
  • Gamekeeper
  • Captain Defense
  • Loadmaster Air Force
  • Location manager
  • Air traffic controller
  • Military Police
  • Customs officer
  • Officer Artillery Army
  • Officer Cavalry Army
  • Officer Cavalry Exploration Army
  • Officer of the Marines
  • Officer Genie Army
  • Air Force Ground Defender Officer
  • IT officer
  • Officer Infantry Army
  • Officer Intelligence & Security Air Force
  • Air Combat Control Officer
  • Officer Air Defense Air Force
  • Air Traffic Control Officer
  • Officer Marechaussee
  • Technical Service Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Marine Service Officer
  • Petty Officer Cavalry Army
  • Petty Officer of the Marines
  • Petty Officer Electrical Engineering
  • Petty Officer Ground Defense Air Force
  • Petty Officer Infantry Army
  • Petty Officer Intelligence & Security Air Force
  • Petty Officer Air Traffic Control / Air Combat Control
  • Petty Officer Ammunition / Weapon Technique
  • Non-commissioned Operational Service Marine
  • Petty Officer Connections
  • Operational Analyst
  • Calling power
  • Penitentiary Development Worker

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