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The Sales & Commerce profession focuses on selling goods and services. This can be done at multiple levels, from the market stall to the company takeover, as long as something is sold. Professions in this profession can't only focus on sales, but also be responsible for processing and analyzing sales data, so that sales can be arranged in more efficient ways. The ultimate goal for everyone in this profession is to sell as much and as expensive as possible.

What is earned in the sale & commerce profession?

Because the sale takes place on so many different levels, there is no representative average for the profession. A salesperson in the store will earn much less than a sales manager or sales specialist. The amount that's paid out is also often dependent on the amount that you're able to sell from a product or service (such as call center work). In general, the salary of managers, analysts, etc. is above the average income, and the salary of sellers in the subordinate role (in shops, call centers, etc.) is below that average income.

What types of companies do they hire in Sales & Commerce sector?

The sellers are essential to every business: production companies industry and the primary sector, wholesalers and companies active in the market, companies that provide services to individuals and businesses.

The job offers in the Sales sector come from the most diverse companies: car dealerships, factories of industrial products, communication agencies, banks and insurance companies, telephone operators and the energy and utilities sector...

There are career prospects in the commercial area in every sector, both in the sale of goods and products (e. g. machinery or food) and the sale of services (e. g. advertising or insurance policies).

Sale & Commerce - Job prospects in the industry

The sector employs millions of people, and employment growth in Sales tends to reflect the growth of the economy.

The globalization unprecedented and expansion of trade worldwide has led to an increase in jobs related to sales. In particular, internationalization is a very significant process, which pushes companies to seek buyers of their products and services no longer only in the domestic market but also abroad. The figure of the Export Manager is therefore among the most sought after by all companies that want to sell abroad and find new commercial outlets.

If on the one hand the market has become global, on the other hand the need to interact with customers on a more personalized level has also emerged, and to decisively improve the customer experience. The relationship with customers is therefore at the heart of the work of sellers and Account Managers, which goes beyond the commercial negotiation and is demonstrated by ' assistance pre- and post-sales, in the context of customer loyalty.

In fact, customer experience has become one of the main evaluation metrics (KPIs) used by sales teams to measure success. The trend is to aim for long-term customer acquisition, not just closing a sale - by offering solutions, products and services that can help customers solve their problems and address their challenges.

What Skills Do You Need for the Sales and Commerce career?

To work in Sales, first of all you need to be very confident and determined people, who love to chat and be around people. Then there are other skills that are part of the " perfect salesman " background, including:

Technical and sales skills

Being prepared from a technical point of view is important to be a true sales professional: you need to know all the characteristics of the product to be sold, the differences from the competition, the market sector in which you operate, in order to respond convincingly to the questions. of customers.

But competence also concerns sales techniques: those who work in sales, from the promoter to the agent, must know them and know how to use them adequately to approach customers, who are each different from the other.

Ability to build relationships

The priority of those who work in this sector is to sell and achieve the sales objectives of the team: for this you need to have good interpersonal skills and be able to build long-term relationships, listening to the customer's needs, both before and after the sale.

The success of a negotiation often depends on the empathy shown by the sales representative or agent, and on his ability to act as a trusted consultant - and not just as a salesman.

Knowledge of CRM

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) software is the primary tool used in the sales department to manage customer information and sales, marketing, customer service and after-sales service processes.

The ability to use CRM software is a key skill of commercial staff in order to create, maintain and optimize relationships with customers. Through CRM it's possible to consult all the information concerning the customer and his " contact history ", update data on interactions with the various company areas, know and analyze the customer base and customer profile, optimize prospecting and sales processes and customer support.

Examples for sale & commerce professions are:

  • Account Executive
  • Account manager
  • Account Manager Rent
  • Real Estate Account Manager
  • Ad seller
  • Antique dealer
  • Antiquarian
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Doctor visitor
  • Assistant Account Manager
  • Assistant Optician
  • Assistant-hearing care professional
  • Hearing professional
  • Car dealer
  • Car salesman
  • Baker
  • Barista
  • Business administration
  • Flower seller
  • Florist
  • Bookmaker
  • Brand Manager
  • Brand manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Cafeteria employee
  • Caissiere
  • Call Center Employee
  • Colporteur
  • Commercial Director
  • Commercial manager
  • Commercial Salesperson
  • Veterinary visitor
  • Beauty shop
  • Export Manager
  • Export employee Internal service
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