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The career of Robotics, is presented as a short career of 3 years and also as a degree course in several universities, the degree in Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics is offered.

At a technical or tertiary level it's found as: Robotics - Design and Application, Superior Technician in Automation and Robotics or Automation and Robotics, among others.

At the level of specialization or doctorate she is known as a Doctorate in Control Engineering, she is also found as Automation and Robotics, Doctorate in Automation and Robotics.

In summary, it's possible to study the technique or directly a career in robotics or have a base in mechatronics, electronics or systems engineering to later specialize in the specific field of robotics. There are also short courses (6 weeks) that teach you how to design, manufacture and program your own robot (DYOR: Do Your Own Robot) with Arduino technology.

In several countries the study with this name isn't found and the Mechatronics training that includes mechanics, electronics and computers is offered.

Future: it's considered that a career is a promising future because of its connection with technology and with a broad field of work.

What is robotics?

It's a set of techniques that allow to design and build intelligent robots.

Types of robotics

- Domotic robotics: automation of processes for the manufacture of houses.
- Robotics of exploration: configuration of programs that analyze files looking for patterns.
- Military robotics: unmanned aircraft but equipped with directed weapons.
- Industrial Robotics: machines that perform repetitive tasks to complete concrete actions in a factory.
- Nanotechnological robotics : miniature devices that solve fundamentally medical problems, such as the creation of cures for diseases.
- Humanoid robotics: construction of rational robots that simulate the actions of human beings.

What is robotic engineering?

Robotics combines different disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence deals with design, Robotics allows to design devices that improve the quality of life of people. Robotics is applied to different fields ranging from medicine to industrial machinery.

Entrant profile for the Robotics technical career or for the Degree in Robotic Engineering and Mechatronics is:

- Patient and dedicated.
- Passionate about technology and automation.
- With concern about the operation of machines and mechanisms.
- With a personal tendency to repair and build mechanisms.
- With a positive attitude towards technological advances.
- Resolutive, with a tendency to develop practical solutions to problems.
- With great interest in professional tasks related to electronics, robotics and mechatronics.
- The Robotics Engineer is a professional who has the ability to design, create, maintain or improve the systems of different equipment.

Labor sectors of robotics

- Mining.
- Telecommunications
- Forest.
- Food
- Technological.
- Commercial.
- Industrial.
- Military.
- Doctor.
- Consultancy.

Work areas

A technician or a Robotics Engineer can design and develop a customized system independently of the work area.

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