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Overview About the Real Estate Career

The Real Estate sector is the economic career that concerns real estate, and includes all professions related to the valuation, marketing, management, administration of real estate.

Real estate transactions for consideration between two or more economic agents make up the real estate market, which can be divided into specific markets based on the intended use of the properties: residential, industrial, commercial, office use, tourism -receptive.

The main sectors in which you can work in the real estate sector are:

  • Real estate brokerage, for the sale and rental of properties (selling or buying a house, renting an apartment, commercial leases, etc. )
  • Asset management, the set of operations having as their object the creation of added value of the property
  • Real estate development ( real estate development and property development ), covering activities ranging from the renovation and upgrading of existing buildings, purchase of land for new real estate development projects
  • Real estate consultancy, to assist investors, renters and other market operators in the valuation of real estate assets and in development operations, real estate enhancements, construction of major works.

There are therefore many professionals operating in the real estate field: the job offers are aimed above all at real estate agents and brokers, consultants, appraisers, appraisers, asset managers, lawyers and experts in legal advice for real estate, real estate and condominium administrators.

What types of companies do they hire in the real estate sector?

Companies operating in the real estate sector are of different types: real estate agencies (independent or franchised ) that follow customers for sale and purchase transactions and leases, consultancy, asset management and real estate development companies, but also banks, which usually have their own internal area specializing in real estate advisory and investment in the brick.

The sector also includes companies that deal with real estate appraisals and valuations, administration and management of properties (for example condominiums), specialized appraisals, and all technical and design studios (in which architects, engineers, surveyors work, urban planners) who deal with transversal aspects of the real estate segment.

Real Estate - Job prospects

The growth of the real estate market directly depends on the general trend of the economy.

Regarding the employment trends in the real estate sector, there are some business areas where there are interesting career opportunities, for example in asset management and consulting for the brick market.

The professions become more technical and technological, and a greater degree of specialization is required - by activity or geographical area: for example in the rental of office and commercial properties, or in real estate transactions relating to tourism.

In general, the spread of the internet has caused a transformation of the business models of the real estate sector: for example, the development of the online market and of real estate portals for the promotion of sale and rental advertisements on the web has radically changed the activity of the real estate agent. The development of e-commerce has led to a growing demand for data centers and logistics space, in the face of a contraction in the demand for commercial spaces in urban centers, while the sharing economy it favors a more efficient use of buildings, for example by sharing office space or renting apartments and rooms for short periods.

The global trend towards urbanization, on the other hand, brings with it a growth in the residential market and in real estate investments in cities (including public housing), together with the development of new models for intelligent sustainable urban planning.

What skills are needed for the real estate career?

Real estate agents, appraisers, condominium administrators, consultants for the management of the investment portfolio, professionals experienced in the maintenance and management of properties must possess a set of technical, legal and communication skills, as well as a very broad knowledge of the real estate market, in its aspects urban planning, procedural and administrative.

In particular, some transversal skills are required to work in the real estate sector, such as:

Ability to identify and evaluate real estate opportunities

Real estate professionals know the factors that determine the positioning of a property on the market and the risks associated with a real estate initiative. They know how to use tools, methodologies and techniques for real estate valuation and for estimating building areas to determine the value of the properties and the financial return on operations. This allows them to confidently identify the best opportunities on the market.

Negotiation skills

The real estate sector revolves around intermediation for the sale and rental of properties (for residential, commercial or industrial use), land and building areas. The ability to negotiate and manage sales negotiations is therefore a fundamental skill both for real estate agents and brokers and for consultants: professionals capable of assisting the client in real estate transactions and managing the entire negotiation activity, facilitating its success.

Knowledge of the regulations in force in the real estate sector

To work in real estate it's essential to know the rules governing the technical and administrative aspects related to construction, and to know the law (private, administrative, fiscal and tax, urban planning). These skills are essential to manage aspects such as: authorizations for the purchase of land, building permits, taxation and real estate contracts, tenders, environmental certifications.

Knowledge of real estate finance

The ability to use real estate finance instruments such as leasing, factoring, project financing, financing and mortgages is particularly important, also considering the approach of the real estate market to the logic of the financial market. The skills in real estate finance allow you to study market trends, optimize your real estate investment portfolio and move with competence in the complex reality of real estate transactions.

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