Radiology Career


Overview About Radiology Career

The Radiology career teaches the tools and techniques to obtain the images of the human body requested by the doctor.

The study of Radiology forms professionals capable of taking fundamental images for the diagnosis, the prevention of diseases and the application of adequate treatment by the doctor specialized in the area.

The career allows to develop manual skills for the use of the corresponding machines, provides specific knowledge in anatomy and physiology, teaches the reading of images and the ability to participate in equipment during various medical investigations.

The radiologist has the objective of capturing images of the human body from the latest technologies, can coordinate imaging centers, ensures that patients meet all requirements, receives and analyzes the specifications received from the doctor, injects medications of contrast if necessary and write a report of the test performed.

The Radiology career is extensive, requires internship before obtaining the degree and requires a lot of reading as it's a specialization in the medical sciences.

The radiologist can perform in hospitals or clinics of the public or private sector, be part of research groups and advise during the design and planning of services in their area.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Radiology

The advantages are:

- Possibility of working in public or private hospitals.
- Provide help to patients before the doctor's diagnosis.
- Knowledge of the captured images of the human being.
- Team work in research areas.
- Good economic remuneration

The disadvantages are:

- Low availability of resources if you work in the public area.
- Long hours of workday.
- It requires a lot of reading to be a branch of science.
- It's a profession of risk because of radiation levels, even though they aren't in sight.
- It requires following an extensive list of rules and procedures.

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