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Overview About Public Relations Career

The Public Relations career offers the tools and techniques to create and represent the prestige of a company or a person .

The professional in Public Relations is the one who designs and elaborates the different communication strategies towards the market, promotes the public value of a person recognized as an artist or a politician, disseminates and presents a new idea to society and has skills to manage organizations as much internally as well as externally.

The graduate in Public Relations acquires a privileged place by being the official voice of a company, has knowledge in areas of dissemination in the media, has a complete vision of the brand it represents, has skills for interpersonal management within a company, respects the image corporate in the market and has a cultural background at national and international level.

The Public Relations career involves learning how to achieve good internal communication to better represent the company in the market.

The professional optimizes the use of communication resources, coordinates events and meetings, advises in times of stress, is part of the creation of the institutional image in media and manages the selection of staff. The professional is extroverted, of great social character, uses his creativity, improvises and shows empathy with those around him.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Public Relations

The advantages are:

- Improves oral and written expression.
- Ability to act in important meetings.
- Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
- The career allows you to work as an independent consultant or consultant.
- Knowledge of general culture at national and international level.

The disadvantages are:

- It requires long hours of reading the study material.
- Possible stress situations.
- It's not a study for more reserved people in public environments.
- It requires good handling of other languages.
- A good aesthetic presence is valued to represent a company.

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