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Overview About Psychology Career

Psychology Career provides the knowledge to understand and analyze the human behavior and improve the development of mental health.

The professional in Psychology is called a Psychologist and specializes in listening and interpreting the problems of their patients with respect to their relationships and their vision of society. It differs from the Psychiatrist in that it doesn't prescribe medications to control the nervous system. The Psychologist has the function of discovering the motive of the actions of the human being with the aim of accompanying the patient in the search for various solutions.

The Psychology degreeteaches techniques and skills to identify problems of couple, family, work situations or any other that the patient decides to mention during a session.

The psychologist inquires about the patient's life, elaborates theories about their possible reasons and tries to prevent future acts as a consequence of their decisions. There are several branches of psychology related to labor, social and educational aspects.

Psychology is a long-term career, requires a large volume of reading and is oriented for people with great ability to listen, motivation to help solve problems, good oral and written expression, ability to observe and enhance the virtues of the human being. The graduate stands out forhis honesty, great emotional sensitivity and shows a constant empathy with his patients.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Psychology

The advantages are:

- Possibility of working in public, private and independent sectors in their own offices.
- It's a career that improves our capacity for empathy.
- Good economic remuneration
- Teaches techniques for a better interpretive listening of patients.
- It allows solving various conflicts of daily life.

The disadvantages are:

- It requires a lot of patience during patient sessions.
- It requires a lot of reading throughout the curriculum.
- It's a long-term career with internships during its development.
- Extensive labor competence.
- He needs a great oral expression in situations of pressure with patients.

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