Project Management Career


The Project Management professional group includes all professions that have to do with setting up and implementing projects. This not only concerns project managers, but also project leaders and consultants, for example. These different professionals all come together to ensure that a project is successful. The focus is on the organization of the project, whereby it must be ensured that a project is put together well from start to finish, and that the different employees don't work alongside each other.

What is earned in the project management profession?

Because this profession mainly revolves around the project manager, his salary is taken as the starting point. On average, the salary will then be very good. Other positions in Project Management can stay in a less range or receive a higher salary. The latter applies primarily to managers.

Examples for project management careers are:

  • Business advisor
  • Business administration
  • Spatial Planning Policy Officer
  • Policy officer / project manager (Secondary education)
  • Cutlery writer
  • Backoffice librarian
  • Librarian Backoffice Coordinator
  • Inner city manager
  • Construction cost expert
  • Construction engineer
  • Brand manager
  • Civil engineer
  • Civil Engineering Employee
  • Communications adviser
  • Consultant
  • Domain specialist
  • Event organiser
  • Event Manager
  • Expat adviser
  • Financial Geographer
  • Geodeet
  • Ground acquirer
  • Head of Automation
  • Head planning
  • Main performer
  • Interim manager
  • Professor of Knowledge Circle
  • Sales Promotion Manager
  • Employee field service
  • Employee Office Abroad
  • Project coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Maritime Project Manager
  • Project planner
  • Project planner
  • Director assistant animation
  • Director
  • Steward
  • Risk manager
  • Safety, Health & Environment Manager
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