Policy Organization Career


The Policy / Organization profession focuses on creating and realizing certain coherent goals, in order to meet certain needs in the environment. This collaboration can take place within the government or in business. Making policy is often seen as a government task, but companies also need a policy to be able to develop in a certain direction. People working in this profession must therefore be able to think in the long term and decide how to achieve the goals that have been set as effectively as possible.

What is earned in the policy organization profession?

Because this profession mainly concerns managerial, organizational functions, a correspondingly high salary is often given.

Examples for policy organization careers are:

  • Deputy Faculty Director
  • Admiral
  • Mobility Traffic and Transport advisor
  • Department Director
  • General Director Primary Education
  • Ambassador
  • Secretary
  • Health and safety advisor
  • Business advisor
  • Business economist
  • Business administration
  • Company director
  • Tax consultant
  • Policy advisor
  • Policy officer
  • Spatial Planning Policy Officer
  • Policy officer / project manager (Secondary education)
  • Librarian / Director University Library
  • Biologist
  • National coach
  • Forest and nature manager
  • Forest and Landscape Advisor
  • Forest Engineer
  • Construction expert
  • Mayor
  • Business Consultant
  • Neighborhood mediator
  • Combination officer
  • Commercial Director
  • The Queen's commissioner
  • Communications adviser
  • Communication expert
  • Communications Officer
  • Controller
  • Correspondent
  • Criminologist
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Diplomat
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director (General)
  • Director Artis
  • Director of Investments
  • Director of Policy
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