Physical Career


Overview About Physics Career

The study of Physics aims to carry out research in scientific areas related to society and the universe.

The professional in Physics acquires the ability to investigate and experience phenomena of the human being, taking into account the different scientific magnitudes that surround the universe. Among its main functions is the development and monitoring of their ideas and theories, carry out experiments through trials and constant tests and evaluate the results.

The Physicist works in nuclear, mechanical, electronic and magnetic matters, among others. He uses mathematical formulas to base his analyzes, offers arguments to study if a project is viable or not and can perform as a teacher in schools or universities.

The study is oriented for people with curiosity in physical phenomena, the sum of new knowledge in the natural laws that surround us, for retailers and methodical in their work and passionate in the sciences. The Physicist provides his skills in research institutes, observatories and astronomy areas, in electrical companies or in the automotive industry or as a specific consultant for private companies.

Physics teaches an appropriate and logical criterion for each problem of nature, allows to act according to rational deductions and understand how the universe works in each of its details.

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