Philosophy Career


Overview About Philosophy Career

The career of Philosophy aims to study and investigate man, society and the universe from the perspective of reason.

The Philosophy professionals with a great capacity for reflection and analysis on relations, causes and purposes the world we inhabit, the main actions of human beings and the universe overall. The mission of the philosopher is to seek explanations about the essence of each element to find a way to define them in relation to their space in the universe.

The career provides knowledge of the history of thought and contemporary philosophy and allows the graduate to reach the possibility of critical analysis, logical reasoning and learning a series of arguments to express each idea. His work is based on finding a sequence of propositions that allow the conclusion to be reached rationally. It's a person who questions the questions that for many don't make sense.

The philosopher examines the assumptions and tries to explain the most relevant concepts of a society. He usually gives lectures, writes academic articles or for the general public, carries out investigations, can perform in teaching and provide philosophical orientations in the area of health.

The study usually lasts four years, but requires a regular reading throughout life.

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