Occupational Therapy Career


Overview About Occupational Therapy Career

The career of Occupational Therapy allows to help in the rehabilitation of patients who have already overcome the most complex stage of their illness.

The Occupational Therapy allows to analyze the physical abilities, mental and social of each patient to achieve a better functioning independently in the different aspects of your life.

The graduate combines therapeutic knowledge with rehabilitation techniques, implements programs according to each patient, investigates the development and growth of children, coordinates and carries out activities to stimulate the recovery of diseases or injuries and advises on the use of prostheses.

The Occupational Therapist designs prevention plans, analyzes the different behaviors of a patient, tries to reduce risks during rehabilitation processes, seeks to promote the safety of those who represent, serves elderly people in the public or private sector and demonstrates a motivation for progress of the science.

Occupational Therapy training is extensive, requires patience with people who are recovering from various discomforts and diseases and poses variants to help in case of complex adversities.

The graduate shows empathy, transmits perseverance to achieve his goal and has a positive perception about the immediate future with each patient.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Occupational Therapy

The advantages are:

- Possibility of working in public or private hospitals.
- Good economic remuneration
- The study provides knowledge about the latest rehabilitation techniques.
- Ideal for lovers of science such as biology.
- Improves social communication in different areas of our life.

The disadvantages are:

- Stress situations with more complex patients during their treatment.
- It requires a lot of reading.
- Long-term career
- A lot of job competition
- It requires a skill and manual skill during work.

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