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Overview About Medicine Career

Medicine trains professionals in the field of health in order to help in the treatment and recovery of patients .

The career of Medicine provides the knowledge to diagnose and treat patients, prevent diseases, administer pharmacological resources and be trained for scientific and technological changes. At first the doctor is prepared to solve general health problems and then can specialize in a particular area.

The doctor participates in scheduled consultations, carries out a historical follow-up of the patient with physical examinations, determines the treatment to be fulfilled in order to recover, prescribes medication if necessary, accepts the referral to another area when the diagnosis requires a specialist in the subject, intervenes in surgeries, attends home visits and can be part of scientific research.

The study of Medicine requires many years of study and long practices in the form of residency before obtaining the title.

The professional can work in public or private hospitals, in medical rehabilitation centers, act as a professor in Universities or practice the profession in his own office. The study is aimed at people with a vocation to help, a good analytical perception, manual ability, great interest in saving lives and increasing their knowledge through biology, chemistry and physics .

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Medicine

The advantages:

- Ideal for those with vocation and need to help.
- Extensive work output.
- Possibility of working in the public or private sector.
- The career provides knowledge in different branches of science.
- Opportunity to act as an independent in an own office.

The disadvantages:

- It's a long-term career.
- Requires the ability to make decisions in real time.
- It requires compulsory practices before receiving the title.
- Limitation of resources in the public sector.
- You need a constant reading to stay updated.

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