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Overview About Marketing Career

The Marketing study seeks to develop processes that involve marketing products or services of a company and the graduate has the mission of knowing the market, in order to meet the needs of potential customers. Its activity is essential for the business to last over time, adapting to changes and new consumer expectations.

The professional in Marketing analyzes the political, social and economic context to find opportunities that benefit the offer of physical or virtual products and services, conducts research, interviews and develops surveys in order to know the national and international market, provides decisions to facilitate The path of top management, evaluates with good foundation the results obtained and creates the image of the company's brand to travel the market.

The Marketing career allows you to design sales plans, develop promotions, set prices and control expenses. The professional in Marketing can perform in all kinds of companies, advertising agencies, market research companies, consultancies, public areas or act independently for independent projects.

What types of companies do they hire in Marketing sector?

A marketing department is present in practically all companies, both in the B2B and B2C sectors, and also in non-profit organizations.

The job offers in Marketing therefore come from many companies, from every production sector - from the large multinational companies that manage famous brands, to the many small and medium-sized companies present throughout the territory.

In addition, there is a large number of marketing and communication agencies specialized in offering companies, institutions and organizations professional marketing services, tailored to the needs of the customer: from market research to media planning, from direct marketing to online advertising.

Marketing - Job prospects

The professions in the Marketing and Communication sector are always in great demand by the market and the employment prospects for figures such as the Marketing Manager, the Market Analyst or the Brand Manager are positive.

However, the globalization of markets and the digital revolution have had a radical impact on marketing strategies and practices. The web has changed the methods of interaction between companies and customers and between customers and customers, in an increasingly multi-channel and multi-device perspective, centered on the involvement and participation of the end user.

Marketing has therefore focused on aspects such as the web, mobile, big data analysis to respond to the challenges posed by the current competitive context.

Some roles, in particular those linked to the more traditional means of communication, tend to quickly become obsolete, while new professional figures linked to the digital world have established themselves.

In fact, job offers in the Marketing sector are increasingly aimed at web marketing professionals: Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, E-commerce Manager, SEO / SEM Specialist, Digital PR, Community Manager, with a view to digital development communication with the customer / consumer.

What skills are needed for the Marketing career?

Alongside solid knowledge in economics, management and communication, which form the basis for working in Marketing, companies are also looking for other skills, in particular:

Data analysis skills

Marketing activities begin with the knowledge and understanding of the target market and the audience a company wishes to target. The ability to analyze data is essential to extract significant information and trends useful for defining an effective marketing strategy from huge amounts of data coming from heterogeneous channels (market research, consumer preference surveys, web analytics, CRM databases). precisely because data driven.

Digital skills

The skills required in marketing are increasingly linked to the web: Digital Strategist, Community Manager, Web Content Manager are just some of the expert professionals in web and social channels with excellent career prospects.

Digital marketing activities are of fundamental importance for every reality, and companies are looking for personnel with skills in online advertising and knowledge of social networks to reach the public on the web.

Ability to face change

In addition to technical knowledge, an essential soft skill to make a career in Marketing is the ability to adapt to change, to quickly identify new opportunities and modify strategies accordingly.

The sector continues to evolve and Marketing experts must have the mental flexibility to keep up with change and be willing to learn how to use the most advanced technologies and tools to reach consumers, with all available means.

Some jobs that a Marketing specialist performs

Jobs for experienced professionals

- Marketing director
- Marketing manager
- Marketing and Events Manager
- Marketing Campaign Manager
- Marketing and Communications Manager
- Marketing and Accounts Manager
- Marketing and Communications Manager
- Manager of Marketing and Development of Franchises
- Marketing Operations Manager
- Marketing and External Relations Manager
- Marketing and Public Relations Manager
- Marketing Communications Manager
- Marketing and Sales Manager
- Marketing Manager - Global Publishing and Learning Brand
- Marketing manager
- Marketing and Events Manager
- Marketing coordinator
- Marketing and Sales Coordinator
- Marketing and Business Development Coordinator
- Marketing Development Representative
- Marketing Specialist
- Marketing Operations Specialist
- Marketing communications specialist
- Marketing Automation Specialist
- Marketing Specialist in CRM
- Marketing Designer
- Marketing Professional
- Marketing analyst
- Marketing Researcher
- Marketing and Customer Representative
- Marketing executive
- Marketing and Events Executive
- Marketing Communications Executive
- Marketing Executive - Digital and Social Media
- Executive / Marketing Assistant
- Marketing and Communications Executive
- Marketing Executive, full or part time
- Marketing Executive - Email Marketing
- Marketing Executive - PPC
- Marketing Executive and Business Development
- Marketing and telemarketing executive
- Marketing Executive (editorial)

Jobs for people who are just starting out in the profession:

- Marketing and Communications Assistant
- Marketing assistant
- Marketing Assistant and Content Editor
- Marketing and Electronic Commerce Assistant
- Marketing and Brand Assistant
- Marketing and Public Relations Assistant
- Marketing Assistant / Editor
- Marketing Assistant / Executive
- Marketing Assistant / Sales Executive
- Marketing Apprentice
- Junior Marketing

The curriculum of the Marketing career is oriented to sociable people, with good oral expression, an entrepreneurial vision, capable of making decisions and with the virtue of showing empathy with clients.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying Marketing


- Extensive work output for being a growing career.
- Ideal for people with good social relationships.
- Possibility of working in a company or independently.
- It's a career that values ​​creativity and innovation.
- Great opportunity for entrepreneurial minds.

The disadvantages:

- Constant stress situations for being at the center of the competitive market.
- It's not a study for reserved people.
- It requires making key decisions that can change the course of a product or service.
- The ideas depend to a large extent on the economic resources of the company.
- It's a long-term career, which requires constant updates.

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