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This profession is all about the transport and eventual sale of goods. Logistics is concerned with the most efficient and cheapest way to get a product or products from one place to another. The transport ensures that these products are actually brought from one place to another, and the purchasing determines which products are brought in somewhere.

What is earned in the logistics, transport & purchasing profession?

Because there are different occupational levels within the different sectors, it's difficult to determine an average wage. Warehouse employees and drivers simply earn a lot less than managers or buyers. In general, people in lower positions will earn good, and people in higher positions will earn very good.

Examples for logistics, transport & purchasing careers are:

  • Purchasing Assistant
  • Luggage officer
  • Belader
  • Passenger
  • Flower distributor
  • Bridge Keeper
  • Bus driver
  • Category Manager
  • Civil engineer
  • Civilian Sailor
  • Director
  • Teacher 3D max
  • Customs officer
  • Forwarder
  • Export Manager
  • Export employee Field service
  • Harbor master
  • Port worker
  • Forklift driver
  • Forklift mechanic
  • Helicopter pilot
  • Buyer
  • Packer
  • Inland navigation captain / manager
  • Courier
  • Crane operator
  • Newspaper delivery boy
  • Loader and Looser
  • Loadmaster Air Force
  • Logistics Employee
  • Logistics Employee Mobility Industry
  • Lead Officer
  • Aviation service provider
  • Warehouse worker
  • Maritime Officer
  • Marketing Manager Outsourcing
  • Sailor Inland shipping
  • Land Forces Logistics Officer
  • Petty Officer Logistics
  • Calling power
  • Order picker
  • Pilot
  • Plant buyer
  • Pump employee
  • Pont skipper
  • Postal Delivery

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