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The study of literature develops mastery of the language, and knowing how to use words effectively is a powerful tool. However, there are those who think that studying Literature is a "trade" without much value (economic and social). Don't you know why it would be good to study Literature? Here are some of the many reasons to do it:

Advantages of studying Literature

Why to study literature? here is a list of top benifits you'll gain from this study:

1. To explore other cultures and beliefs

Literature allows you to "live" experiences in the cultures and beliefs of others. If you understand the culture and beliefs of others, you're better able to communicate effectively with them. Each person we meet has a different mix of knowledge, beliefs, and experiences.

2. To benefit from the knowledge of others

Some of the most important lessons in life are expressed in literature. Great poets, historians, psychologists or simply observers of life, have left their great and important legacies in Literature.

3. Literature is a tool for self-examination

Many times you will see your personality and habits in literature. In addition, you can see reflected many of the things that you may be living and it helps you to know that you can also overcome the obstacles in your life. The magic of finding yourself in a character is unmatched. An experience that you will only find in Literature.

4. Statistics vs. People

If you read about the death toll in a war or an accident, it's just a statistic. But if you read a story, it becomes a tragedy, something human, something with which you can and should identify.

5. Literature helps to recognize the amazing in the everyday

There are many details of the environment that lose force when not being recognized. Literature helps to see the importance of these simple acts in ordinary people, and this makes our lives richer, as it helps to have more hope and confidence that things will work out in the end.

Literature careers examples

  • Editorial assistant
  • English teacher
  • Publishing assistant
  • Copywriter
  • High School Teacher
  • Writer & Author
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Announcer
  • News Reporter
  • Social media manager
  • Librarian
  • Paralegal
  • Editor
  • Interpreter & Translator

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