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In the Linguistics career, studies on language problems and their incidence as an instrument of social relations are addressed. Its professionals are in charge of the deep study of language: evolution, structure, analysis of its use, among other fundamental points.

On the other hand, Linguistics tends to have relationships with processes from other branches such as: Psychology, Neurology, Anthropology, Sociology, among others, due to the complexity of human language. This is one of the reasons why the existence of linguistics professionals is considered of vital importance, due to its relationship with one of the most distinctive characteristics of the human being: language.

Those interested in studying this career must have the capacity for analysis, synthesis, creativity, imagination and verbal comprehension, a taste for reading and writing, a willingness to learn languages, among others.

Regarding their work field, their professionals are trained to perform in teaching and research, they work as teachers in institutions of basic, middle and higher education, in official or private entities as researchers in the fields of linguistics and literature; as copyeditors, literary critics and editors and in the realization of literary and cultural projects in the media.

What will you work on if you study linguistics?

A linguist is able to fully understand the context of emergence and associated meanings of a language. Linguistics students and graduates of this career can choose jobs in companies around the world. While this career is associated with teaching, this isn't the only job opportunity it allows.

The linguistic studies combine knowledge from different disciplines to develop an understanding of the linguistic manifestations of human beings. To do this, they combine knowledge of Social Sciences and Humanities, using specially historical, geographical and sociological notions.

Careers examples for linguistics

  • Linguistics professor
  • Translator
  • Digital copywriter
  • Technical writer
  • Forensic linguist
  • Editorial assistant
  • Information officer
  • Public relations officer
  • Social researcher
  • Teach a foreign language
  • Lexicographer
  • Marketing executive
  • Public librarian
  • Linguistic Consultant

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