Librarianship Career


Having all the books available and dedicating your time to them can be a great job if that's what you're passionate about.

If you're struck by a training in which books are your primary instrument to work, if you're a person for whom reading isn't a sacrifice, on the contrary, you could read all day without getting bored and maybe you're thinking about philosophy, literature, history or letters, librarianship may be an option for you.

What do you learn in the Librarianship course and what does a librarian do?

This career covers many elements of the librarian world, belongs to the social sciences and is a very interesting career. It's very important for society.

The people in charge of the libraries are those specialized in organizing a very important source of information and managing a great knowledge tool for people, such as books. Thanks to them it's easier for us to quickly find the book of our interest, look for new books and magazines to improve and increase the quality of the services they provide, including aspects such as cataloging and classifying the material, promoting reading so that the library visited by more people and establish rules for the proper functioning and conservation of books, magazines, installations, etc.

Not only will you learn about language, literature and culture, but you'll also study reader psychology and new technologies. And you can't only work in physical libraries, but also virtual ones, which are very helpful for many of the people who prefer to use the internet, and where you need someone who has control over the large amount of information they have for that the public access reliable information.

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